Steel, metals and foundry sector overview

There are around 30,000 companies in the UK metals sector employing 471,000 people in the UK (one out of every eight jobs in UK manufacturing). There are metals companies throughout the UK, although the greatest concentration is in Yorkshire, Humberside and the West Midlands. The UK metals industry is the country's fourth largest manufacturing exporter and it exports almost 50 per cent of its production to around 200 countries.


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Analysis for the inclusion of 'Metals'

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While there were no new trade case filings, EU/US relations continued to be influenced by disputes arising from previous cases.
The US steel industry has been a major beneficiary of the so-called Byrd amendment, under which the proceeds from US anti-dumping duties are paid to the complainant companies.  Following complaints by the EU, this practice has already been ruled "illegal" by the WTO, but to date the USA has shown no inclination to repeal it.
In this, and other cases, Unite welcomes the firm action by the European Commission in support of European steel companies that export to the US.

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